At Ready Set HOME we know that change can feel overwhelming. We help transitioning families feel rooted and peaceful in their new homes.

Ready Set HOME provides a comprehensive service that coordinates all the logistics of settling into a new home or enhancing an existing one. After an initial consultation, we develop a detailed plan and budget so that our clients can get back to focusing on living their lives while we focus on completing their home. From scheduling and accepting deliveries, to working with our clients and their kids to help design their dream rooms, we make sure that every member of the family feels right at home from the moment they step inside their new living space.

Our clients are busy people who want a comfortable, inviting home but do not have the time or desire to handle all of the details. We work with them to understand their needs and individual preferences, then create and execute a sleek, comfortable solution for any living arrangement — a home that expresses the uniqueness and personality of every member of the family. We offer a flexible structure that can help any family during a time of transition, with a singular expertise in assisting families going through separation or divorce. We are committed to helping clients’ children avoid the suitcase-kid syndrome that often accompanies divorce and custody arrangements.

At Ready Set HOME we take pride in helping our clients move into a new stage of life with a home that is welcoming, comfortable and complete.