Our Philosophy

At Ready Set HOME we know that change can feel overwhelming. We are committed to easing the transition (and travel between two households) for the children of divorced or separated clientele. Whether it’s searching for the perfect sectional sofa for a family room or creating a cool new bedroom for the teenage kids of clients, we execute every project with excitement and efficiency.

Allison Kaskel Spitalny

After graduating from Rollins College in Florida, Allison taught for six years at an exclusive pre-school in Manhattan. Her education and daily interaction with kids and parents of every stripe—as well as raising four children of her own—have given her keen insight into the family dynamics of Ready Set HOME’s clients. Having experienced the effects of divorce herself, she takes pride in upgrading clients’ living spaces and seeing the sense of empowerment it restores to them.

A former equestrian who was raised in Westchester, N.Y., Allison hails from a large family that includes her identical twin sister. On weekends, she’s either enjoying family time or hosting one of her legendary dinner parties. Her culinary talent means she’s a cook who can replicate a dish she’s tried once and hold multiple conversations while cooking for 30 people. A seasoned traveler with a love for adventure, she currently resides in Scarsdale, NY and has four children.